The Beginnings

For a while, Doodle Masterpieces was just a twinkle in Mina Wilmarth's eye. She felt that doodling was unappreciated, and underestimated. Doodles are great art, and she wanted the world to know it. So she founded Doodle Masterpieces,  a company to sell and spread the word on doodling's true power.

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Guilty Pleasure

Everyone's done it. There's a long boring math test that seems to last forever, and you're slowly drifting to sleep. You glance at the margins, loosely grip your pencil, and doodle. Doodling is everywhere. Sprayed onto blank concrete walls in cities, on homework, in sketchbooks... doodling is endless.  

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Doodle Masterpieces is a great online art store to buy delightful artsy products, such as cards, prints, coloring pages and more.

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